Eric Hess and Ted Adamson
Listed and Purchased Property

Lexi is a joy to work with. A true professional and a roll-up-your-sleeves collaborator. I bought a classic fixer-upper in Roslindale in 2007 that took 7 years of sweat equity to rehab and design. It was one of the oldest properties in the area (and looked it when I had bought it), a cliche labor of love that I truly loved when I was ready to sell. She took the time to understand what my home meant to me and structured a proposition taking that into account. She made spot on recommendations and devised a strategy that enabled me to sell my home, over asking, before even hitting the market, to the first couple who looked at it on the first day. It was so unbelievably stress-free with Lexi at the helm. You’re in incredibly good and able hands with her and will realize that from the get go. She has my business for a lifetime. Thank you, Lexi!

George and Diane
Home Purchase

Lexi was our buyers’ agent for a purchase that we completed in Cambridge in April 2016. We also looked in Back Bay, the South End and Brookline. We were extremely fortunate to have Lexi to guide us through an extended search in a challenging market for buyers. On more than one occasion we found properties that fit our needs only to encounter multiple competitive bids above the listing price. Lexi guided us through those situations so that we felt comfortable evaluating and bidding based on facts, not emotion. Lexi has a broad network of professionals (lawyers, general contractors, HVAC specialists, home inspectors, …) that she called on when we needed additional expertise. Lexi is easy to work with, clear and rational in her advice, a skilled communicator, and tireless in her support. She is a superlative buyers’ agent, and I’m confident that she is just as good for sellers. We have no hesitation giving her our highest recommendation.

Aviva and David Lee
Home Purchase

Lexi Crivon was extremely valuable in helping us find and get settled in our new home in the South End. She was extremely accommodating to our seemingly endless demands, and often knew what we needed or wanted before we asked! She kept us on track with all of the complicated and interlocking small details. Her excellent resource network was also a big plus!

Paula Bennet
Home Purchase

Over my lifetime (Im now 78) I have dealt with maybe eight or so brokers. Not one could touch Lexi. The secret to Lexi’s success is she knows how to set up an offer. There were seven other people bidding for the condo that I wanted and some as we found out after the fact bid more than I did! I got the condo, which I absolutely love, because she insisted we give them a clean offer.It was hard advice to swallow, but I trusted Lexi and it worked. She understands the market, she understands how buyers think, and she understands how to deal with other brokers.

She just cant be beat!

Abigail and Ned Sullivan

Hi Lexi,Phew. I can come up for air!Thank you for working hard on our sale. We appreciated your interest in our condo way back in July when we first spoke and I’m glad we called you back 6 months later. You know the neighborhood, the market, and all the activity buzzing around real estate in Brookline. You understood our property and how it fit into the market and were able to coach us through the whole process of staging, marketing, selling, and moving. You know what you are doing and it pays off.Thank you so much for the beautiful vase. That is such a generous and lovely gift. I look forward to filling it with flowers for many years to come on Pleasant Street.I hope you have a very busy spring and summer!Best,Abigail and Ned

Marti Mirken’s Reference
Sold Taft Hill Trce

I have sold my home and bought a new home with Lexi’s excellent assistance. Lexi is the ultimate professional who seems to know the art of negotiation to provide the best outcome for her clients. She is never hesitant to go beyond what is expected of a real estate agent; she thinks nothing of meeting her client very early or late at night, helping navigate the mortgage process and even pitching in to get ready for the move! I am very grateful that Lexi has helped me buy and sell twice since her expertise has made both moves much easier than expected! Kudos to you Lexi and many thanks!!!

Metropolitan Ave, Roslindale MA 02131
Home Sale

Lexi nailed it. She recommended an interesting yet sound strategy that inevitable got me EXACTLY what I was going to get for my house. My house sold to the first couple who saw it. Lexi also went above and beyond, actually going to the Boston water dept to get my last water bill for me, having professional photography done. She’s pretty much amazing. Nice to know I have an agent for life.

Peterborough St 6F Boston, MA
Property Purchase

Lexi went beyond the call to help us, we live in new jersey and Philadelphia and this sale with her vast expertise and hard work expertise and hard work ethic made it painless. She really knows the market. I have already recommended her to a friend from NYC who is considering buying an apt in Boston. Q2. Without lexi’s hard work and professionalism. I do not think it would have gone as smoothly and would have been very difficult for me.

Carl S. Stone
Sold Home

Lexi worked for me as my buyer’s agent back in February 2007. We had a unique way of meeting each other. While on an assignment for work in India I had made my decision on this property that I was interested in buying but I had no agent. I knew I needed an agent quickly but wanted to make sure I had someone I could trust while I was still abroad. I posted an ad on craigslist stating that I was looking for a buyer’s agent. I knew if I could get a good written response from someone than this would help with our communication back and forth during the buying process. I liked Lexi’s response and professionalism in the email and checked out her website which was very well designed. I could tell she was good at what she does!

Even though I was 10 hours ahead in another country Lexi’s communication and prompt emails were great! She is quite savvy with technology even to incorporate text messaging when I was back in the Boston area! Most of our communication was over email with just a few phone calls.

During the buying process, she was an effective communicator between my self and the seller. She worked out all the minor details and even went to the home inspection with my friend.

Lexi’s professionalism and great communication skills set her apart from others. Being a first time buyer I had a lot of concerns etc.. Lexi took care of all of these. She went above my expectations and I would highly recommend her as an agent.

Dr. Bryan Adams and Dr. Sonia Ranganath
Purchased Condo in Jamaica Plain

I am writing to express my strong recommendation of Lexi Crivon as a real estate agent. Ms. Crivon acted as a buyer’s agent during the search for and eventual purchase of my condominium from February to April of 2007. My wife and I were first-time home buyers, however, Sonia’s mother is a real estate agent, and Ms. Crivon was our second buyer’s agent.

Our home-buying experience had been unsatisfying and frustrating until we were referred to Lexi; however, she provided the service and guidance that resulted in our becoming happy homeowners. Lexi always demonstrated the fundamentals of good business; she is professional and helpful, always early for appointments, consistently responds to email and phone calls within minutes. She has an easy rapport with everyone she deals with, from other agents to inspectors to sellers, and she was always clear in her communications with us about what to expect during the home-buying process. Despite her being very busy, Lexi always made us feel like we were her most important clients. The properties we viewed matched the preferences we’d given her, and she would provide honest feedback about the strengths and weaknesses of a given property. We always felt that she was an advocate for our best interests, not just a sale.

During one particularly difficult element of the buying process, Lexi demonstrated her commitment to her clients. Our mortgage broker fell ill during our home-buying process, leaving us struggling to assemble our financial documents in time to finalize our mortgage application. After a string of unreturned phone calls to our broker, we finally contacted Lexi with our problem. She assured us that she would help solve the situation, and we had a new, temporary broker the next day. This kind of quick, effective response is typical of Lexi’s work. We went on to finalize our application and ultimately completed the home purchase without further problems.

On the basis of my experience, I would recommend Lexi without hesitation to anyone looking to purchase property.

Daniel and Kelly Wilson
Proud New Home Owners

My husband and I have recently purchased our first new home, a condo in the South End of Boston. Lexi Crivon was our real estate agent who helped us through every step of the complicated process.

Being first time homebuyers, we had no idea how much effort and confusion went into buying a home. We contacted Lexi at the beginning of our process after we realized we would definitely need someone to help. Lexi began by showing us every single piece of property on the market that was in our range and in our desired neighborhoods, never dropping her incredible amount of enthusiasm. This was a tremendous effort on her part which was completely beneficial to us.

When we found our perfect new home, she guided us through every step in negotiating and even advised on monetary issues. We secured our purchase flawlessly. After a long closing period due to the seller, Lexi was still at our sides at the closing and has remained good friends with our family ever since.

We highly recommend Lexi Crivon as a real estate agent. Her attitude, enthusiasm and professionalism are unmatched qualities.

Matt Kavet, President, Boston America Corp.,
Purchased Condo and Sold Property

I had the pleasure of working with Lexi in the Spring of 2005. During that time she played an immeasurable role in helping me purchase a new Condo and selling my existing property. The realtor I had used prior to meeting Lexi was a family friend who was widely considered one of the best in the business. He had recently been voted “Best of Boston” in BOSTON Magazine. The professionalism, enthusiasm and proficiency that Lexi displayed was at a level far above and beyond anything I had ever experienced with this individual or anyone else in the industry.

When we first found my new home Lexi approached the purchase with such fervor that I truly felt like she was buying the place for herself. She was by my side and readily available any time I needed her throughout the entire process. I’ll never forget an early morning phone call I got from Lexi the day of the closing reminding me not forget a certain set of documents. It was this attention to detail that made my experience with Lexi such a memorable one.

After having a tremendous experience teaming with Lexi to purchase a property she again far exceeded my expectations when it came to selling my existing home. The amount of preparation Lexi put into this process was truly astounding. Lexi goes far beyond the role of realtor when it comes to selling real estate. She adeptly takes on the role of General Contractor, Interior Decorator, and Marketing Director. In a few short weeks Lexi orchestrated a phenomenal overhaul of my property to make it “market ready”. This included hiring and overseeing a group of painters and handy-men and making several trips to retail stores to purchase additional furnishings for my home. Her pre-marketing of the property was nothing short of brilliant and her hard work bore very tangible results. Our first open house drew over 30 people. Within 24 hours we had two bids well above asking price.

I believe categorically that Lexi will make a tremendous partner for anyone considering buying or selling a home. She makes each and every client feel as though they are the most important to her. She truly goes above and beyond what is expected of this position and she will ensure that whether you are buying or selling your experience is both rewarding and satisfying.

Courtney Hadden
Purchased and Sold Condo in Roslindale

This letter is my personal recommendation for Lexi Crivon with Coldwell Banker. Lexi has been my Real Estate agent on both my Condo purchase in 2004 and Condo sale in 2007. Both of these experiences were my first in the real estate market. It is with great pleasure that I describe my pleasure in working with Lexi.Besides being a joy to work with, Lexi is a take-charge person who keeps an open mind for her clients, looking at many real estate opportunities, while maintaining a realistic and honest perspective on the needs and desires of her clients. I always felt confident in the advice Lexi would offer me on both my purchase and sale, pleased with her consistent and impressive diligence in taking me to real estate properties during the purchase and showing my Condo for sale, and her overall supportive nature in overcoming any small obstacles in both the purchase and sales transactions.In addition to her professional qualities, Lexi also maintained a genuine friendliness in her work with me as a client, which made me feel more comfortable and trusting in our relationship.I highly recommend Lexi for any real estate buyer or seller looking for a hard worker who is honest, friendly, and supportive.

Joe DeVito, Fernando, & Piccolo
Sold Condo in Boston

Just a note of appreciation—To thank you so much with your assistance on the sale of my condo in BOSTON. As a first time seller, you made the transition more than easy. I had no clue and you took care of everything for me and I do mean everything!! In fact after the inheritance of this big old house in New Bedford, I could no longer stay in my little one bedroom condo on Queensberry Court. My unit sold just before this so called recession because of you, although absent I did not need to place my trust anywhere else…HELLO.. YOU EVEN CLOSED FOR ME!! (Without my presence because the puppy couldn’t be there and we didn’t want to leave him alone). So what else can I say but “Thank You again”. I highly recommend you to anyone that’s in the market to buy or sell. And I will refer you to all my friends. Thank you again!

Sachin Baxi
Purchased Condo in Brookline

Lexi did a great job showing me places. She knows the area well. She had many contacts to talk with for a mortgage, home inspection and recommendations for lawyers. However, she showed her greatest value when I had a difficulty at closing. She had my back and got work done. Bottom line – anyone can do the basics, but she has experience and passion to get work done regardless of problems that arise.

Lisa Carvealle
Personal Recommendation

Lexi is extremely knowledgeable about real estate. She is a very hard working yet approachable agent. Working with her I learned more about the industry than I could have from any class, seminar, or other agent. Lexi’s expertise and friendly attitude make her an excellent resource when looking to buy or sell your home.

Adam Bennett
First Time Home Buyer. First Time Home Seller.

My relationship with Lexi Crivon over the last four and a half years has been a true pleasure and nothing but professional. Lexi represented me as a first time home buyer and as a first time home seller when I needed to move from the same location she first helped me find three years earlier. Lexi’s remarkable work ethic and personal nature made it seem like my process was always her top priority. It is because of her exceptional work that I am writing this letter of recommendation on her behalf.As a first time home buyer I clearly needed someone who was in touch with the current market environment as well as the history behind certain available properties that were in the area of town I wanted to live in and fell within the price range I was looking for. Given this was a market I knew nothing about, Lexi continuously kept me up to speed on new properties and price movements. Lexi’s excellent knowledge of the current sellers’ situations gave me a huge advantage when negotiating different properties I found interesting and really went out of her way to make sure I was well informed about all possibilities before moving forward in any direction. Once I decided on moving forward with my condo, she was incredibly helpful in making sure all the little details were taken care of and were accurate, always advocating on my behalf and making helpful suggestions along the way. Given my hectic work schedule, I didn’t have time to sweat the details and felt comfortable relying on Lexi to see the transaction through to a smooth close.Because of the incredible job Lexi did for me when I first purchased my condo, she was the first person I contacted when I considered selling it three years later. Lexi provided the same service I had grown to expect from her and together we worked on a plan for the sale. While I ended up deciding to not sell my property in the end, Lexi was diligent through the entire process and worked to help me achieve the best outcome for all parties involved.Given my multiple experiences working with Lexi, I would like to personally recommend her without hesitation. She is an incredibly hard working individual and will do whatever she can to help your current situation and needs.

Shawn and Erika Rangle
Coldwell Banker Customer Survey. Short Sale Home Purchase

Lexi was every home buyer’s dream agent. She was knowledgeable about the community, knew how to do a short sale (unlike the selling agent), was conscientious about staying within our budget, and was supportive all around. We would recommend her enthusiastically to any of our friends who are buying or selling a home. Her referrals for brokers and lawyers were also dead on. When we had trouble with one lender, she immediately found another who was better. It is rare to find such an ethical and dedicated agent in a field where many people are just desperate to make a sale. There is a reason Lexi remains so busy in her practice even in this tough economic market.

Barrie Wheeler
Lexi Sold Our Home

My Wife and I found Lexi to be a gem! We hired her to list our property and she not only sold it, but she helped us through the process from staging our home to dealing with a few issues post closing.She kept us updated with buyer agent feedback after showings. She also pushed us to reduce our price per buyer feedback, and she managed the negotiations between both sides very professionally.We will be referring her to all our friends.

Client Comments
Coldwell Banker Survey

I have worked with Lexi Crivon on two purchases and two sales and she has exceeded my expectations on all fronts each and every time. I have recommended her to several friends and contacts and they are always similarly impressed with her knowledge, attention to detail, and timely feedback on things that come up during all stages of the process. She is savvy but also smart and can help you in all pieces of the process. She is fantastic and I am lucky to have had the pleasure of working with her!
Lexi is an outstanding addition to your team. Her pre-marketing and marketing skills are second to none. The presentation and pre-market hype she created pn the property was above and beyond anything most prospective buyers have ever seen.
Lexi was a fantastic Realtor. We found her to be always available whenever we had any queries. She was so helpful and effecient.

Ed Johnson
Compliment from Broker/Colleague

Lexi, thank you very much for showing Monastery in Brighton tonight. The liked the home but are concerned about it being a lower level unit. If they wish to look at it again I will let you know. I did want to add that I was very impressed with you as a agent. From beginning…

Paul and Barbra Schechinger
Purchased Investment Property in Brighton

After our daughter rented an apartment in Boston during her senior year at BU, my wife and I decided to buy a duplex in the Brighton area for investment purposes. We originally met Lexi as the listing agent for one of the first properties we looked at on our own. Her knowledge of the area and the rental market were immediately apparent, and we selected her to be our agent. We were not in a hurry to buy, since it was more important to find a property that would be a sound investment.

Lexi worked with us for a several weeks, spending time educating us about the area, and the items potential tenants look for in an apartment such as location, bus routes, and property amenities. She advised us against the purchase of a few places which she knew would not be good investments. When an ideal two-family home came on the market, Lexi really showed her experience, which enabled us to make an offer within 24 hours. Lexi worked tirelessly to help us through the entire purchase process, and has a wealth of contacts which we used to obtain financing, provide legal representation, etc.

We have owned our property for over a year, and continue to be happy with our purchase. We highly recommend Lexi to anyone interested in buying or selling property in Boston. You will find in Lexi a professional who is very knowledgable, capable, and committed to meeting your needs.

Lisa Carvealle
Personal Recommendation

Lexi is extremely knowledgeable about real estate. She is a very hard working yet approachable agent. Working with her I learned more about the industry than I could have from any class, seminar, or other agent. Lexi’s expertise and friendly attitude make her an excellent resource when looking to buy or sell your home.

Sean Kelly
Personal Recommendation

I worked with Lexi for multiple years when she volunteered for the annual SnowBall Charity event in Boston, helping her to secure sponsorship for their Charity Christmas Tree appeal; she was a pleasure to work with and brought the same professional approach and dedication that she does to her Real Estate job, to her volunteer work.

Tim S.
Sold Condo in Brookline

Lexi was extremely organized and helpful throughout the process, and always went the extra mile to make sure we would get the best possible chance of sale. She was in constant contact, and had great ideas on how to make the place more sellable. She was a huge factor in getting the place sold quickly.

Marc Decker

Lexi is a disciplined and thorough real estate professional who exemplifies “truly exceptional service”. She has a solid grasp of the ever changing real estate market and consistently guides her clients through the process to their delight.
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Robert Chin
Sold Condo

Lexi Crivon is an outstanding real estate agent: Great Results/Personable/Expert/Good Value/On Time/High Integrity/Creative. She is all those and more.

I hired Lexi to sell a condominium and she did a fantastic job. She helped me with all the paperwork, and she even provided me contractor contacts for the renovation of the condo, and they were all excellent.

We listed the property in the middle of winter, and it sold before the snow melted! I was ecstatic. I would hire her again in a heartbeat. She’s the best!

Tina Leung
Multiple Real Estate Transactions

Lexi is an incredible real estate agent. I have worked with Lexi on a number of real estate transactions (both as buyer and seller).

Lexi is a very skilled negotiator and has incredible integrity. I would not hesitate in working with her again.

Jarrett Goetz
Multiple Real Estate Transactions

Whenever a question comes up regarding the Boston (and surrounding areas) real estate market, the first person to always come to mind to ask is Lexi. This speaks volumes as to the depth of her knowledge of the marketplace. (She’s also helped a ton of my friends buy and/or sell their homes and all have been satisfied.)

Nelson Ra
Purchased Condo in Jamaica Plain

Lexi was my buyer’s agent when I purchased my condo in 2009. A friend of mine had recommended her after Lexi sold her place a few months earlier. During our introductory meeting, Lexi showed why she is such a great agent. As a first-time purchaser, she really took the time to listen first and then ask questions to help her better understand my goals as a homebuyer. That attentiveness resulted in focused showings based on criteria she had learned from that initial conversation.Her no-pressure approach and friendly nature makes the real estate process that much easier. Plus, her patience and willingness to coach you through the buying process takes away a lot of the stress that can be associated with such a big investment. Her extensive experience shows as she has a great network of industry resources that can provide services during each step of the purchase all the way to closing. That’s an invaluable advantage for anyone buying or selling. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Nina Arnfeld
Multiple Real Estate Transactions

Lexi is a highly intelligent, competent and knowledgeable Real Estate broker with whom I have had the privilege of working with on numerous occasions. In a difficult housing market her creativity and ability to think outside of the box has proved invaluable.

I highly recommend Lexi, she is trustworthy, reliable, impeccable, and most importantly she knows how to get the results you are seeking and listens to what you need not only on the buyer end but on the seller end as well.

Anne Taylor
First Time Home Buyer

Lexi expertly guided me and my husband through our first home-buying experience. She connected us with valuable individuals throughout the process and gave us great advice!

Iulia Fried
First Time Condo Buyer

Lexi helped us purchase our first condo; she was there every step of the way, provided valuable insight into the market, was a tireless advocate and a great negotiator.